How To Get Started

How to get started with your own Wendy’s Words Library


1.      Visit our website, and the website  and look at pictures of the libraries people have erected around the United States to get ideas of what you might want yours to look like.

2.     Look at the libraries that are ready for purchase on the Little Free Library website, or the directions on how to build one, or get creative and design and build your own.  The possibilities are limitless!  Just remember to use Plexiglas, not breakable glass, and protect from sprinklers and rain.

3.  If you want to build your own library, the Little Free Library has instructions for building several different designs here: 

4. Read the hints on the website about protecting from vandalism, avoiding problems by placing on public property, etc.

5.  We will give you a Wendy’s Words Library sign that is approximately 12 x 4 inches to place on your library.  When you register with Little Free Library they will send you a charter sign to place on your library that is 13 x 2.5 inches. Be sure to leave a place for both signs.

6.  Register at  (there is a small fee) and they will send you a charter sign to affix to your library and a registration number.  You will also receive directions on how to maintain your library plus other materials.  They would love to have you post pictures also, and will put you on their global network.

7. Click here to learn how to mount your Wendy’s Words Library.

8. When your library is ready to go, contact Susan, Pat or Bernadette to pick up a Steward’s Packet, your Wendy’s Words Library sign, and other materials including books and book plates.

9.   After you get your Charter Number from Little Free Library, go to their website at and choose the Stewards and Friends tab.  Click on Register your Library.  Enter the information and attach a photo where it says choose file.  You may choose two photos.  Where it says in honor of or in memory of, say In Memory of Wendy Wayne.  And in the explanation you can say something about Wendy’s Words Libraries if you want.

10.  Please email some photos to Susan at so I can put them on this website.


Thank you for paying it forward for Wendy Wayne with a Wendy’s Words Library.



Note to Builders

Where should I locate my Little Library?

Is Vandalism a Problem?


Thank you for paying it forward for Wendy Wayne with a Wendy’s Words Library.

Susan Reep                       Pat Johnson                 Bernadette Ferguson


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