Wendy’s Words Libraries

What is Wendy’s Words Libraries

What is Wendy’s Words Libraries? It is an organization to foster reading, build literacy, and engender a sense of neighborhood and community.  The libraries themselves are basically Little Free Libraries with a twist.  The organization Littlefreelibrary.org helps sponsor a network of what could be called overgrown and inventive mailboxes with doors that people place on their front lawns, in front of their businesses, on walking paths, or in similar locations and then stock with books that are free for the taking.    You can find out much more at http://www.littlefreelibrary.org/

Why Wendy’s Words?

So what about us – Susan Reep and Pat Johnson, who are building this organization?  In Bakersfield, CA, one of our most beloved citizens, Wendy Wayne,  lost her battle with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on June 17, 2012.  There are many tributes posted elsewhere this site about Wendy which we urge you to read because reading about Wendy can’t help but make us all better citizens of our communities and our world.  She was truly that exceptional a person.  I (Susan) was asked to speak at a memorial service in her honor and instead of talking about her accomplishments I spoke about life after Wendy, because that was our challenge, the city’s challenge – how to live without Wendy in our midst.  This is not an exaggeration.  I’ve attached my speech to this webpage.

As projects and memorials in Wendy’s honor pour forth, this is ours.  Our version of the Little Free Libraries, with the blessing of littlefreelibrary.org, promotes not only reading, literacy and community building, but Wendy’s Words to live by.

Inside each book is a book plate with the principles Wendy considered important.  We hope to set up each library with an initial supply of books and an extra supply of book plates so each book that arrives in that library can be given its own book plate.

How you can help now

This is not a labor intensive organization for rooms full of volunteers.  We want to keep it simple.  So Bakersfieldians, to help now, you can donate books, both for children and adults.

You can put a library in your yard!  Click on how to get started to learn how to get started.

Contact others – talk about this at your workplace, in your organizations, clubs, and churches to encourage book donations and library construction.

Donations to Wendy’s Words Libraries will help us assist those who cannot erect their own libraries and will help us construct signs that say Wendy’s Words Libraries.  They may be sent to Wendy’s Words Libraries at 5508 Via Ravenna, Bakersfield, CA 93312.

Every library will receive a sign from little free library and be registered into their system.  So…


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