What To Do Once Your Library is in Place

What to do once your Wendy’s Words Library is in place

You will want to take a brief look inside your library at least every other day to see the  status of “your” books.

Some things to look for:

  • Do all the books have a book plate?  If not, put one in.  If you have run out, contact us
  • Are the books that have been left in your library appropriate?  If not, remove those that aren’t.  Since children and adults use the libraries, we don’t want books inappropriate for children available.  An example would be the currently popular Fifty Shades of Gray series.  Likewise, books that denigrate religions or creeds, or hate books or profanity-filled books would be inappropriate for a neighborhood library.  Remember, this library is on your property so it isn’t censorship.  It’s common sense and being a good neighbor.

That’s really all there is to it.  We’re keeping it simple.  This should be fun and rewarding.  We’re spreading reading, literacy, community, and Wendy’s Words.

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