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Paying it Forward for Wendy Wayne

Wendy’s Words Libraries celebrates the life of Wendy Wayne, an extraordinary woman. Wendy’s life was about giving back to the community, performing acts of kindness, and making the world a better place. We hope these little free libraries will spread Wendy’s philosophy of life using her own words of wisdom.

1.  Commit to something bigger than yourself. Volunteer, perform random acts of kindness at least weekly, and remember – it feels good to make other people feel good.

2.  Never meet a stranger. Extend a helping hand to those you meet.

3.  Ensure that the doors of opportunity open for others.

4.  Have a home that is always available for gatherings and the sharing of wisdom.

5.  Listen to others thoughtfully, completely and respectfully. You don’t learn anything when you’re talking.

6.  Erase the word “can’t” from your vocabulary and see only possibilities, not obstacles.

7.  Set goals – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and lifetime.

8.  Take risks to enrich your life. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Walk as if you have a pebble in your shoe – be just a little bit uncomfortable and try new things.

9.  Find your passion. Do what you love and persevere. When one door closes, another opens.

10. Nurture your heritage and continue to make the world a better place.

Wendy’s Words Libraries are a project of Susan Reep and Pat Johnson. For more information on sponsoring a Wendy’s Words Library, contact Susan at, or Pat at

Paying it forward for

Wendy Wayne


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